• The Argentina Memorial
  • The Cambodia 1975-1979 Memorial
  • The d/i/light Memorial

No more genocide! Never more!

That’s the message and the aims of this memorial site, hosting three (3) memorials commemorating crimes against humanity which are outstanding in the history of the 20th centrury, even in the history of human civilization.

These memorial sites deal with the heinous crimes of the genocides taking place on different continents, but all of them have in common the same degree of inhumanity and cruelty, a degree of contemptuous self-destruction.

The genocides in Argentina – executed by the military dictatorships 1976-1983 causing ten thousands of dead victims- and in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge 1975-1979 causen more than 1 million dead victims- were happening nearly at the same time referring in the concept of waging war against the own people on Hitler’s extermination of Jews in Germany and whole Europe, the Holocaust 1939-1945 causing more than 6 millions Jewish victims, and including the victims of World War II , the worst of all genocides concerning its methods, its dimensions and the impakt on the people living at the time and future generations until these days.

These three representative genocides are standing for all the other genocides, mass murders and crimes against humanity taking place earlier in history and even these days.

Never More! – that’s what people said – when these and other genocides were stopped, but this did not prevent, that the next genocide was already in preparation.

It seems to be the dark side of the human nature, which appears mostly in politically insecure times when the leaders of insane political ideologies try to manipulate and rule world and nobody is willing or able to stop them.

These 3 highest “ranking” genocides were happening before the very eyes of the world and the human community on Earth let them happen, without any attempt from outside to stop the crimes against humanity in the respective regions on the globe.

So, mankind has to be accused to have failed completely, not just once, but in nearly all known cases of a genocide anywhere on the globe, as if it would be the mission of the human species to eliminate itself. All humanity has to be called resposible for the contemptuous dimensions of these crimes, and after they had stopped not to have learned anything from the crimes, because genocides happen again and again, and just in the very moment anywhere on the globe people are killed because it fits best in the insane ideology of a ruler.

For those who survived or otherwise affected people only one thing is clear – Never More! – Each citizen on Earth is called to help to prevent the next genocide.

The memorial site of The Never More! Memorial would like to be a place for commemorating the responsibility of any living human to take care that crimes against humanity like the Holocaust, the mass killings in Cambodia and Argentina, in Rwanda do not happen again – no more Holocaust! – no more discrimination and persecution of people because of their descent, on basis of ethnicity, religion etc.

The memorial site, itself a piece of media art, would like to sensitize people via art, which has always the potential to change the awareness of people. It is up the people to use this awareness in a responsible way!

Never More!